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Making Your Home More Marketable

Here are a few tips that can help with presenting your home so that it gets the maximum attention.

Curb Appeal

Before anyone even steps inside your home, they will get an impression on your home based on your home's curb appeal.

Since a large amount of home buyers base there decision to view your home based upon the curb appeal, it makes sense to have your home looking its best on the outside.

Since a home owner looks at his/her home daily, it can be easy to overlook the faults that others will see. Put yourself in the buyers place and try to look at your home for the first time. Below are some pointers to help improve your home's appeal.

  • Kill all mildew and mold on your home, roof, sidewalks and driveway.
  • Don't have unused tools and garden implements lying around.
  • Trim tree limbs so that they are not touching your home's roof.
  • Clean out the gutters and make sure windows are clean.
  • Pressure wash dingy decks and dirty siding.
  • Edge the sidewalks. Remove plant growth between bricks and concrete.
  • Mow the lawn. Kill the weeds.
  • Rake and dispose of leaves and twigs, even if your lot is heavily wooded.